Whatever the occasion and whoever the recipient, we’ve got all your gifting dilemmas solved with our unique collection.

At, our aim is to not only offer products of the highest standards but also those which add a personal touch to any occasion.

In order to enhance this experience, we have created a range of items which are exclusively made for you and your loved ones. “Bespoke” which means “made-to order” describes a high degree of customisation. From basic essential such as towels, napkins, name tags to personalised return gifts such as pouches, bottles, place mats etc. party-anthem now has a host of products for every sensibility and budget.

We continually strive to find new and unusual gifts, that could be personalized for the recipient – we have dug up some cracking personalised gifts listed below.

Placemats with napkin

A best seller; our placemats can be personalised in any colour and with any design-be it a superhero, Disney princesses or any portrait. Your child’s picture and name can be incorporated as well. Both the sides or only one can be printed. One side could have the child’s name n chosen theme while the other could have games and activities in accordance to the age bracket.

Comes with a matching Hand painted or embroidered napkin.

Multi-purpose pouch

Our pouches are suitable for children and adults alike. Can be made in any colour, with a theme to match you event. The pouches consist of two compartments, and easily fits an ipad, toiletries or nappies. Perfect as kid’s party favors and bridal shower return gifts.


Tick tock tick tock- add an interesting touch to your home or kid’s room with our high quality clocks which can be made as per your specifications.

Name plates

Children feel very proud of their space. Having a personalised name plate in an attractive font and favorite character is something they will cherish for years to come. A light weight name plate can enhance the room door, soft board, cupboard etc.


Don’t know what to give a new born? You cannot go wrong with our range of towels which can be customised not only with a name or monogram but also any cartoon character of your choice. Also, a useful gift for anniversaries, house warming and birthdays.


You never have enough of napkins with kids around. Easy to identify at school and definitely a head turner.


Having your name printed on to your crayons or pencils are a wonderful treat to little ones.Our sets are extremely popular with moms and children ensuring that the stationery doesn’t get mixed up at school.We personalise pencils, crayons, files, folders,book racks and also exam boards.


Organizing medical records, maintaining exam sheets or special circulars, documents etc; personalized folders with covers to suit your theme and purpose make it a must have! Ideal as return gifts as well.


Ring ceramic cheers with theme based coffee mugs. Always a treat for kids encouraging them to a bottoms up. And a one with their picture and name is great to have.

Photo frames

Wonderful memory keepers for all times. Pick any backdrop; your child’s photo in it will simply make this your most prized treasure. Great return gifts which add vibrancy to all corners or table tops.


charmingly easy and tempting date changers. The 3 flip sections serve for the date , month and day of the week. Excellent to help children stay abreast with the times. The different themes and backdrop options make these a must have.

Poster calendar of the entire year . All kids rooms have a charm like no other. To add to the decor, we have striking A3 size calenders of the current year. The size is great to play with themes and characters your child loves.These can occupy space on a wall or soft board to suit your needs.


All is worked around your needs; be it a theme, a character, special wordings or colors scheme.


Having one’s name on anything and everything from a book, bag, bottle to a pencil box, helps children to keep their own things amongst others and recognize them. Labeling things with colorful and interesting labels sparks it all up.

Fridge Magnets

Personalised and creative fridge magnets will always occupy memorable space in your kitchen, office or soft board.


A football/ cricket match, doll party, tea party, pyjama party-all call for additional accessories or clothing. We personalise it to suit the theme in it’s full authenticity.

In addition to these, we also personalize items as per the clients needs, so please do feel free to get in touch with us for any queries.

Each of the above mentioned items ould be purchased separately or clubbed with various others to make an individual personalized gifting set/ hamper to suit one’s budget. All the pieces will be customized to accommodate a theme.

Please note the rates depend on the design chosen and the number of pieces ordered. Bulk orders, above or dozen or so can get you special rates.

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